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Building Valuable Startups

YaloStar Ventures is a business technology incubator, which focuses on the initial idea stage of startups.

YaloStar Portfolio

YaloStar has a portfolio of 10 startups with digital & IT professionals including LANGA, IKnow, Clink, MyTruck, FraudsShield, AnyForm, SARI & Surgeon's View.



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What does YaloStar bring to the table?

  • YaloStar uses unique methodologies to grow a dream / idea into a real valuable startup.

  • Team of experts

  • Variety of services

  • Know - how and vast knowledge

  • Managing Partner

Unique Entrepreneurs with daring innovative enterepreneural ideas that meet a real need, have a strong business model and engage a big market.

What does YaloStar do?


Building Strategy







YaloStar Team

Omri is the CEO and owner of the technological and business incubator YaloStar Ventures, which focuses on the initial idea stage of startups. YaloStar builds startups differently. He is a consultant for companies, organizations, and entrepreneurs on the topics of entrepreneurship and innovation. He is a lecturer on entrepreneurship and management at SCE, winning the top lecturer prize four years in a row; and he is a lecturer at the High-Tech Entrepreneurship course for the Agency for Small and Mid-Sized Enterprises at the Ministry of the Economy in Israel. Omri has established numerous businesses and projects. He holds a BA in Business Administration and a law degree from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and an MBA certification in Executive Business Administration from Ben-Gurion University. He is currently a PhD candidate at Ben-Gurion University in Israel in the field of entrepreneurship.

Omri Yalovski

Owner & CEO

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Michal Yalovski - Peterburg

Legal counsel

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Shany Oazana

Executive assistant 

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התוכנית שאלה משפטית / ערוץ 2 מיום 21.3.12 - עומרי ילובסקי, מנכ"ל YaloStar Holdings מתראיין על יזמות.


YaloStar Partners

YaloStar Vision

to be the leading business technology incubator focusing in the pre-seed stage in Israel

YaloStar in the Media

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